Just Sister Lee, doing her thing..

Let’s face it, we mostly just love seeing photos right!? So here they are..

Elder Hoskins let me cut his hair! Haha It’s the second time I’ve cut hair and I did a better job than the first (shout out to Elder Berends for being my first victim). The great thing about serving here is that the elders get so desperate for a hair cut that they seem to ask me to cut their hair hahaha.

So one day as we were biking to one of our lessons we saw a dead pig on the beach. We felt sorry for it and pulled it in from the water and left it on the beach. Then on the way home we thought it was sad that Stewart (that’s the name that we gave him) was lying there getting fried under the Kiribati sun, so we dragged him back out into the ocean haha. When I say “we” I really just mean “me”. Tutu was taking pictures and just watching.

We visited our number one helper, Kaeua and her family. While we were there she was having a bath in the ocean and was playing on this log thing. I told her to jump off it a few times so I could get a good photo and she obliged. I just remember how nice it was to be with her and her family that afternoon, talking with them and catching up. Sometimes we just need a little rest every now and then and we need to be in the moment! I’m never ever going to be here again having this very experience so it’s moments like these that help me to remember to treasure my time.

At the end of our Saturday we set off to try and set appointments and visit a few people that we had missed. We happened to stop by Taubo and Kiribwa’s house and saw her and her sister washing clothes. They looked exhausted so we offered our services. It was the best. I’m useless and they kept laughing at how uesless I was (probably cause I had just finished bragging about how good I was – all for laughs of course) but it felt good just to really try to help. We love Kiribwa and were so happy to help her.





Teabwaabwa’s daughter came back off her mission last week (served in the Philippines Cayaun Mission). Nei Ane had asked us to dance. Sister Tutu killed it with her Tongan and Samoan dances. She’s so good. I watched her with so much pride and did the cheeehooo for her, cos you know how I’m secretly Tongan? Kiribwa had sewn these beautiful dresses for us for the occasion! We even showered before we went haha.

Another funny story! At the back of Taubo and Kiribwa’s house live these wee little piggies. I told Imwakurite (their daughter) to catch one so I could take a photo with it. She started running after them and I tried to help to but they’re so fast. Anyways, so these other little kids started helping us. One of them ended up catching one and then it started crying (the piglet) and the mumma pig started chasing us. We ran and started laughing. Luckily for us the pig was tied up haha. The whole time Sister Tutu’ila kept going on about how it was animal cruelty. Long story short, my little friend gave me the pig to hold and we took the photo. Shout out to my friends pictured here! All cred to them for the capturing of the piglet. Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the capturing of this photo.

Ok so Elder Emor (who is from Micronesia) found this crab at the chapel the other day and picks it up and jumps in the van. A few hours later he loses it in the van and we all think that it fell out but aren’t really sure. A few days later we’re all in the van and all of a sudden one of the sisters scream and everyone is jumping over everyone, trying to escape. Haha we found the crab again. It had miraculously survived that whole time. Elder Emor picks up the crab (and looks at it like it’s his child) and then starts playing with it. All of a sudden he breaks off the pincer and everyone’s like “nooo don’t do it!” Two minutes later I noticed that he didn’t have the crab in his hand anymore and I asked him where it was. He started smiling like the little evil man he is and laughs. Then I was like oi he dropped the crab. Nek minnit, the crab is running all over the van and everyone’s screaming. I ended up picking it up and giving it back to Elder Emor. The rest of the elders were dying laughing. It was so hilarious. Then, yes there’s more, Elder Emor puts it in this empty paint tin he found at the elders’ house and leaves it in the car while we all go to lunch. We came back only to find that the crab had died. These missionaries are cray!

So this photo is when Sister Heni and I were trying to unpick Sister Beria’s dress because this lady had taken it in but it was too small. This was about 5 minutes before the Zone Leaders showed up to take us to District Meeting haha. We got the skills to pay the bills.




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