MTC.. And so it begins..

Mauri!! (Hello, in Kiribati)
It’s Hayley here. Simone’s besty/social media representative. Simone is now Sister Lee and has begun her 18 month journey serving the Lord as a full time missionary. I’ll be posting her blogs in the meantime so if you want to keep up to date with her experiences keep checking every few weeks 🙂

The MTC (Missionary Training Centre), Provo UTAH
Week 1 – 2

 Welcome to week one of Survivor MTC! Woah, your girl here is like almost fluent in Kiribati.. not really haha. It’s been an interesting experience trying to learn the language. On our first day at the MTC I walked into the classroom and Brother Packer (who is part Kiribati and part American) was grilling me in Kiribati because I was the only one there. I pray for the gift of tongues every morning and every night. But I need your prayers too! Please pray that I will be blessed with the gift of tongues. Elder Bednar encourages missionaries learning a mission language to ask their family and friends that they pray that they will receive this gift.

I feel as if I’ve been here for ages but it’s only been two days. Time flies when you’re on the Lord’s errand. Like actually. No lies.
We had our Branch Presidency Meeting last night and at one point while the elders were going through training, President Willes interviewed the sisters. I’m not going to lie. A mission isn’t a walk in the park. I’m not even in the field yet but there is so much going on mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I’ve struggled mentally and emotionally, thinking so many times that I couldn’t do this and wondering why Jesus Christ would want me of all people to represent Him as a missionary. I kept wondering what it was that I could offer and came up short with answers. But during my interview with President Willes he gave me a blessing and I felt my soul fill with a deep feeling comfort and peace. I can do this and the Lord is grateful that I’m doing this when giving up and walking a different path would have been so much easier. Standing face to face with my inadequacies and weaknesses, that feeling of comfort and peace from the Spirit of the Holy Ghost is the only release. I know that I can do hard things (and a mission is an incredibly hard thing) not because I am perfect or a perfect teacher but because I have the Saviour of the world on my side and He will not let me fail. This is His work and it shall be triumphant!

P1010008“The very first photo of me and my badge! It’s the best feeling in the world wearing it every day and knowing that I am an authorised representative of Jesus Christ. It’s a sacred privilege and I wear it always with pride.”

P1010028“Do you know who this is? This is Sister Adhikari who is the daughter of the Nepalese man in Meet the Mormons! Crazy cool that I got to not only take a picture with her but also, she was the person to pick me up from the front desk and take me to my temporary room on my first night. She’s the best. She was a little disappointed that I was from New Zealand but didn’t watch cricket! Haha. I tried to reassure her that I don’t watch any sport, not just cricket. That made her feel better. She’s so wonderful and has a warm personality.”

P1010012“Found Elder Simpson (serving in Philippines Iloilo Mission) on my very first night! What a tender mercy. He’s doing well and we see each other often. It’s the funniest thing because when you see someone from New Zealand that you perhaps only knew of before, suddenly you’re best friends! Haha. We played a game of basketball during gym time the other day and it was the “kiwis vs the others” haha.”

P1010039“The “kiwis” from New Zealand and Australia!”

P1010054“Sneaky selfie at the gym.. haha pretty sure i’m not allowed a camera in there but.. anyways this gym sesh was good. Sister Paku and Sister Faamaile kindly took me to the gym while they sat there studying haha. OMG if you’re going on a mission sisters.. GET A CAMERA WITH A SELFIE SCREEN!! It will change your life.”

P1010166“These are my amazing companions Sister Paku (Hamilton, NZ) and Sister Faamaile (Samoa). They’re the and we all love each other.. mostly haha. Nah they’re great.”

P1010198“Doing washing on P-Day. It’s so weird doing washing with elders around haha. I’m like ew go away.”

P1010207“Me telling Elder Christensen that it’s not the way you hang pants haha. He hates this photo and will kill me for sending it but who cares.. he won’t see it for another 2 years *laughing face*. Haha slave labour helping him fold his pants.”


Let’s see what adventures the next few weeks bring 🙂

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