A Series Of Small Miracles – Part 2

I immediately set to work on my application. I completed as much as I could that week and contacted the dentist and doctor to make appointments.

For so long my main concern was my teeth. I was worried that I would need to remove all wisdom teeth and that my dentist bill would be extensive. But it wasn’t! Dr Hasan told me that I only needed to get two fillings which would cost around $360.00. I’ve known other preparing missionaries whose dental bills have cost around $2000.00-3000.00. This was no small miracle! I was elated when Dr Hasan told me and I said a prayer in my heart, thanking the Lord for this tender and much needed mercy.

I had contacted Dr Main to schedule an appointment to complete the medical requirements of my application but the only time he was available was on a Tuesday around 2pm. I work Monday to Friday 8:30am-5pm so I was unsure when I would be able to see him. However our office was closed from Christmas Eve through to New Year’s which meant that there would be a Tuesday in which I wouldn’t have work commitments! I emailed Dr Main and explained this him, asking if he was free that particular Tuesday. For a long time, about a week or so, he didn’t reply and that Tuesday was coming up fast. I prayed and prayed that Dr Main would be free, expressing to the Lord me desire. The Friday before the big day Dr Main emailed me back and confirmed that Tuesday was fine! I went to my appointment that day and was able to complete that aspect of the application. A miracle indeed!

In my interview with Bishop he advised me that there was a possibility that my Missionary Recommendation Form may be sent back to my having depression but not receiving medical or clinical treatment. At first I felt a little disheartened but that was soon dispelled as I remembered my experiences up to that point. If the Lord could bless me with such success with both the dental and medical aspects of my application surely He could bless me in this regard, I need only believe!

After my interview with Bishop, the next step was to have an interview with Stake President however that week Stake President was getting released as he was called to serve as the Mission President for the Tonga, Nuku’alofa Mission. This meant that if I wasn’t able to see President that week before his release I may have to wait until the new stake president is called but that could take weeks to months as he became accustomed to his new calling. I prayed and prayed that I would have an opportunity to see Stake President before he was released. The next day as I was preparing myself for work, I felt impressed to take with me some appropriate clothes in case I would be called last minute to meet with President. I had messaged Bishop to confirm whether or not I would be meeting with President that night but had not received a response until late that afternoon. He confirmed that I was able to see Stake President after which my Missionary Recommendation Form would be submitted!

The lesson I have learnt most from these small miracles is that when the Lord needs you He will do all that He can to pave the way for your service, as we do all that we can. Although these miracles may seem small and somewhat insignificant, to me they are great and wonderful and manifest to me just how mindful the Lord is of me and how interested He is in things that are important to me. This I know to be true: He is mindful of all of His children and is invested in our lives for we are His work and His glory!



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