It Was All Worth It

I used to think that my mission preparation started about two and a half years ago but I don’t think that’s entirely true. Yes, two and a half years ago I made a conscious decision to prepare to serve a mission but really, the Lord has been preparing me from infancy.

All of my experiences, both good and bad, throughout my 22 years of life have led to this point. There were many times during my mission preparation where I struggled and I wanted to give up. There were many times where I shook my fists at Heaven, questioning why I couldn’t leave then and there. But as I opened my mission call and read that I would be serving in the Marshall Islands Majuro Mission – Kiribati Mission Region, speaking Kiribati all of the trials, challenges and heartaches were swallowed up in that moment and I thought to myself, “It was all worth it.”

And I guess at the end of our mortal lives, that’s what we’ll want to say, “It was all worth it.” Every experience necessary for us to endure in our earthly lives, no matter how difficult they may be will all be worth the reward of a Celestial state. As I look back on my journey thus far my heart is filled with utter gratitude for the experiences that I have now come to treasure. They have molded me, changed me, refined me. They have been given by a truly loving Father in Heaven in order for me to develop qualities and characteristics that could be obtained in no other way.

Yes, everything that I have endured throughout my life and especially throughout the past two and a half years has been absolutely worth it! I am so excited, filled with this fire, to be an emissary of the Lord and to serve the people of Kiribati.


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